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Mandatory Minimum Sentencing in Drug Trafficking Cases: How An Attorney Can Help

In Florida, drug trafficking cases involving cocaine and other drugs have drawn significant attention due to

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Pulled Over by the Police

We have all been there before. You were in a rush to get to where you were going or maybe you think you have had too much to drink while you were driving. Once you are pulled over and interacting with law enforcement, the blood pressure is subject to rise and the anxiety (along with any drugs or alcohol you may have in your system) are liable to affect your judgment. Here are a few important things to remember:

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Criminal Defense - The First 24 Hours

In general, if you are accused of a crime you will either be arrested (either at the scene of the alleged crime or by the issuance of a warrant that is later served by law enforcement, often at home or at work) or, in the case of certain misdemeanors, you may be released by law enforcement.

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DUI - The First 10 Days

Have you been charged with a DUI? Do you feel like you are not guilty? Not sure what to do next? It’s time to hire an experienced DUI attorney.

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How to Handle Being Investigated or Arrested by Law Enforcement

If you are facing the possibility of a criminal investigation or if you have already been arrested by law enforcement, it is important to keep a few very important things in mind.

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