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Attorney Juan C. Calama

Juan C. Calama

Attorney and Counselor at Law

After I graduated from law school at the University of Florida, I began my legal career as a public defender. After seven years, I transitioned into private practice because I knew that doing so would allow me to help people on a more personal level and be a more effective advocate for them. Through the years I've found that the cookie-cutter approach does not work with criminal cases; everyone has their own story. In order to give you the best possible outcome for your case, I will dive deep into the paperwork and the evidence to create a personalized legal strategy that works for you and your unique situation. Get started today by scheduling a free phone consultation with me. Se Habla Español.


"The second you are charged or arrested, do not talk to authorities. I will be your voice."

Juan C. Calama

the consequences of driving under the influence

What happens when you are charged with a DUI? In Florida, DUI is a statutory offense with some very serious consequences for your freedom and for your finances. If this is your first DUI, in most cases (except for those involving serious injury or death, for example) it will be treated as a misdemeanor, with a maximum possible punishment of up to 9 months in jail and up to a $2,000 fine, in addition to other statutorily required punishments.

It's clear that driving under the influence can change your life forever. Let an experienced DUI attorney like me help you with your case. I have handled many DUI cases in northeastern Florida and assisted many of my clients to reduce their fines, sentences, and avoid losing their license.

Because I have practiced DUI law for years, I have had time to discover what strategies work best to give my clients the best result possible for their unique situation. Even if your case doesn't go to court, I will address any questions or concerns you have regarding your charge or penalties. My goal as we work together is to make sure you're never left in the dark. You deserve to know what rights you have both inside and outside of court.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision and you should feel comfortable that I am the best choice to help you during this difficult moment. Schedule a free consultation with me today so that we can start crafting the best defense possible for you.

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Criminal Defense

Regardless of what crime you have been charged with, I can put together a strong strategy to help you.

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The court system doesn't give slack to someone charged with a DUI. You need an attorney to be your advocate.

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Drug Charges

One simple mistake like a drug offense can impact the rest of your life. Work with me to get it back on track today.

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Traffic Tickets

No matter how minor or major your traffic offense is, you and I will fight together to try and keep your record clean.

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Fighting for Your Freedom

When you're charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who will stand up for you. An important point that I remind all of my clients of is their right to remain silent and their right to representation. It may sound elementary, but while in the moment you may feel like you can talk yourself out of your situation, I've seen many clients hurt their case the more they talk. Take my experienced advice and only speak with your attorney.

If you tell authorities you wish to remain silent, they will not automatically appoint an attorney to you, you must explicitly tell them so. Your next question may be, "Why do I need a lawyer in the first place?" You need someone to be your voice in the courtroom, to stick up for you, and to make sure you're rights are protected from start to finish. I have a commitment to my clients to always serve their best interests in and out of the courtroom.

Whether you have been charged with a DUI or other traffic offenses, it will be in your best interest to have a lawyer by your side. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know how to use my knowledge and experience to outline a defense that will fight for the best possible outcome. If you take on the court alone, and you may end up going to jail or paying a higher fine. Don't risk your future, put your faith in me to help you.

In my many years of legal practice, I have had the opportunity to represent clients facing a variety of accusations. From those charged with very serious sex and violence allegations, to those accused of possessing or trafficking controlled substances. I treat all my clients with the same care and respect. If you want a greater chance of saving your freedom and your financial well-being, call my office for a free phone consultation today.