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Traffic Tickets Attorney in Gainesville, Florida

Providing Effective Legal Counsel For Traffic Offenses

Maybe you are a commercial driver and you make your living driving. Maybe you were driving too fast. Maybe, you took your eyes off the road for a split second and had an accident. Maybe, like so many, you were texting and driving when you rear-ended someone.

At the Law Office of Juan C. Calama, we’re not here to judge how you drive. We’re here to help you avoid points on your license, avoid traffic school and even to avoid having you found guilty at all.

We have handled thousands of traffic offenses in courts in the Gainesville area and throughout the State of Florida and have worked to establish good outcomes for our clients all throughout the State of Florida.

When we walk into court, you can be sure that you will have a serious advocate working on your case, one that will closely examine all of the evidence that an officer must demonstrate to the court in order to prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. If that evidence is weak or lacking, we may be able to get your citation dismissed.

Many times, law enforcement makes an error that we can exploit to your advantage. Perhaps some missing documentation, an incorrectly cited statute, a mistake on the citation, or any of several possible details can be missed. If there is a mistake that we can use to get your case dismissed, we will find it.

If the evidence is solid and the citation is correctly written, and a dismissal doesn’t seem possible, then you can count on the Law Office of Juan C. Calama to negotiate with the officer to get the best outcome possible. One that may include a plea to a lesser charge (such as a non-moving violation), getting no points on your license and getting no traffic school imposed against you.

If there is a dispute and the case requires a full hearing before the judge or hearing officer, you can rest assured that the Law Office of Juan C. Calama is prepared to argue your case in front of the court and is well versed in courtroom procedure and trial practice.

Some traffic citations also require that you appear in person in court. When you hire the Law Office of Juan C. Calama to represent you on these mandatory appearance citations, the Law Office of Juan C. Calama will appear so that you don’t have to, saving you time and money. Call our Gainesville, Florida office to schedule a consultation.

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Gainesville, Florida Traffic Lawyer

We handle all traffic ticket offenses received anywhere in the State of Florida. We have handled:

  • Careless Driving

  • Unlawful Speed

  • Improper Turn

  • Failure to Yield the Right of Way

  • Violation of a Traffic Control Device

  • Running a Stop Sign

  • Running a Red Light

And many other kinds of citations not listed

Don’t pay for that ticket! Contact the Law Office of Juan C. Calama in Gainesville, Florida today and get a free consultation.